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Tuesday, 20. February 2018

Cult Watch

Tracking the Cult and the Community Response


Since Yaakov Weiss' confession and sentencing, his supporters continue to flood the local Jewish press with their laughable claims of their Dear Leader's innocence. Weiss continues to claim he still represents Chabad (see the roadsign photo to the left), he continues to flout the demand of Chabad that he cease and desist from abusing their good name and to flout the laws of decency, man and G-d by refusing to accept responsibility for his reprehensible acts and by encouraging his cultists to continue to defend the indefensible.

A perfect example of this is Hiram Cohen's recent letter to the Jewish World (Albany, NY). Fortunately there was a very well written response to Mr. Cohen's screed which appeared in the following issue of the paper. Both letters are presented here in their entirety in order to illustrate the nonsense being tossed about by Weiss' supporters and the true opinions of the legitimate Jewish community of New York's Capital Region. Contained within Mr. Cohen's letter are some webmaster comments to correct some of the more outrageous half-truths and outright misrepresentations he makes in his defense of the Colonie Cult - it is not the purpose of this site to allow Mr. Cohen's comments to be posted without response.


Hiram Cohen, a Weiss Supporter Speaks
Printed in the Jewish World (Albany, NY) on 25 Mar 2010


Rabbi Weiss, his amazing wife Roza, and their three lovely daughters have brought warmth, ideals, and a sense of purpose to the Colonie Jewish community at a level that has not been experienced before in the Capital Region.

Now, the rabbi is serving a 60-day prison sentence, and it is doubtful that he will be able to resurrect his activities.(Thank G-d - webmaster)

The rabbi was a maverick with his Jewish holidays events, attended by hundreds of people who either could not afford the conventional Jewish institutions in the area, or were maybe intimidated by the elitism which these institutions projected.

Whatever the case was, Roza's food was something that has not been experienced before in the area.

It was obvious that the rabbi would not get a fair trial had he chosen to go that route. The Judicial officials in the Capital Region are up for re-election and would want to portray themselves as strong against "crime". Also with the abundance of Catholic priests abusing their constituents, a token rabbi is too good of an opportunity not to be missed (sic).


A single incident (Weiss confessed to multiple incidents over an extended period of time with at least two victims - Webmaster), which no one really knows what has really place (Weiss confessed to 75% of the allegations the victims made),  a classic case of "they said, he said", (actually is was "they said, he confessed" - webmaster) has done the rabbi in (Praise G-d! - webmaster), to the dismay of many who enjoyed his functions and activities, and to the glee of those who envied his success.

I hope the Chabad Movement would learn from the incident, and cancel the tradition ("minhag") of rabbis taking their pupils to mikvah. (Wait a second, Hiram, I thought Weiss didn't do it. Besides, the Mikvah has stood for decades and no issues arose until this pervert you are trying to defend showed up. Funny that. - webmaster).

Also, it is time that the Chabad Movement would institute the study of Mesilat Yesharim, because their are a few in their midst who have no idea what it is to be a Chasid.

(Maybe Mr. Cohen and his fellow cultists should study the Chofetz Chaim who taught that rapists, pedophiles, sexual predators, communists and socialists are not covered by the ban on Loshan Hora and that it is an obligation to speak the truth about them to protect those upon whom they would prey. - webmaster)

Hiram Cohen

The Legitimate Community Responds
Printed in the Jewish World (Albany, NY) on 1 April 2010

Hiram Cohen’s letter in defense of Rabbi Weiss was a dazzling display of denial and rationalization. Mr. Cohen bemoans the fact that Rabbi Weiss is serving a 60-day sentence, and the fact that it is doubtful that the rabbi will be able to “resurrect his activities.” Given the nature of the activities that occasioned said incarceration, I am not sure why the wistfulness.

Mr. Cohen’s defense of Rabbi Weiss, and belief in the inequity of his treatment, appears to be premised on a number of beliefs, none of which stand up to much scrutiny. First, Mr. Cohen states that the rabbi’s holiday events were attended by hundreds of people who could not afford the “conventional Jewish institutions,” or were “maybe intimidated by elitism which these institutions projected.” I have attended services and celebrations at many congregations across the area over the years. I do not recall ever having to pay a cover charge. Neither do I recall having to show a college diploma, ACLU membership card, or even proof of being named “Cohen.”
Second, Mr. Cohen is indignant at the treatment of this holy man because his wife apparently is a good cook. I am sure her flanken compares favorably with Hannibal Lecter’s recipe for liver with a side of fava beans (maybe some Manischewitz instead of chianti), and I am always among those who mourns the loss of a good restaurant, but I am not sure if that is really the point. Besides, maybe with the rabbi in the pokey, she can spend even more time rustling up some grub for the non-elitist masses.

Next, Mr. Cohen states that it was impossible for the rabbi to get a fair trial, what with the judicial officials being all hung up on being against “crime” and all. The quotation marks are Mr. Cohen’s, indicating, I guess, that using one’s position of authority to engage in lewd contact with a minor is, what, an indiscretion. Having a cheeseburger—now that’s a crime. Mr. Cohen correctly states that the behavior for which the rabbi was convicted was something that nobody really knows (other than, of course, the victims, who made the allegations, and the rabbi, who admitted to it). But the fact that he falls into neither of these categories does not stop Mr. Cohen from concluding that the rabbi is innocent. Mr. Cohen is also a little off in his accounting, since my recollection is that there were two victims here, not just one.

After all, what is this other than a “classic case” of “they said, he said”? Of course, the “classic” phrase is “he said, she said,” with the difficulty being that you have one person saying one thing, and another saying the opposite. All things being equal, that makes it hard to come to a conclusion. Once you start getting into the “they said” realm, it becomes a bit easier. And, of course, that is why we have a judicial system in the first place.

Finally, Mr. Cohen seems to believe that the poor rabbi has been offered up as a sacrifice, to take people’s minds off of “the abundance of Catholic priests abusing their constituents.” Apparently, if there is an allegation against a priest, it is true. No “they said, he said,” no quotation marks around “abusing.” I guess it is because they don’t have wives who can cook like the rebbitzen.

Name withheld by request

This reply is spot on! I truly admire the responding author’s sense of humor and clarity of wit. The bottom line is, no matter how good a cook Roza Weiss is and no matter how good Yaakov Weiss was at throwing a party -  it does not excuse his abuse of two teenage boys and his subsequent smear campaigns against his victims.

I would differ with the respondent on one point, however, It is not “he said” vs. “they said”. It is “they said” and “he confessed”! The facts of the incident are not in question. Weiss pleaded guilty because his lawyer realized that once he lost the suppression hearing on the taped conversations between Weiss and one of his victims that his conviction at trial was all but assured and he could have been sentenced up to four consecutive one year prison terms (keeping him in jail for 4 years) and having to register as a level 2 sex offender for life.

The DA’s offer to him was a gift – perhaps a little too generous, but a gift – and he took it (Arnold Proskin is no fool and gave his client excellent advise).

Weiss admitted to three of the four counts against him – FACT not in dispute

Weiss has refused to accept responsibility for his actions – FACT not in dispute

Weiss’ followers have viciously attacked (and in at least one documented case, violently so) anyone who has reported or taken notice of his reprehensible acts – FACT not in dispute

It seems to me that Mr. Cohen is either deeply in denial or is one of Weiss’ sadly deluded cultists.

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