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Tuesday, 16. January 2018

Lies the "Rabbi" Told Us

Yaakov Weiss' constantly changing story

If molesting teenage boys wasn't bad enough, "rabbi" Weiss had to slander the families of those who bravely came forward to confront him on his degenerate behavior, the greater Albany community and even Chabad itself (which he purported to represent).


Lie #1: This was motivated by anti-Semitism

WNYT, the NBC affiliate in Albany, New York reported in August that Weiss claimed these charges were motivated by anti-Semitism. When no one believed that - Albany, New York happens to be a rather friendly place for Jews, particularly orthodox Jews, to live. Weiss later made up a "turf war" with another Chabad family. Like the alleged turf war he would later concoct, this anti-Semitism by the Albany judiciary existed nowhere outside Weiss' imagination.

Lie #2: Weiss is innocent, this was all about a Chabad Turf War.

From the
Jewish Daily Forward (1/13/2010)

"Even after his client admitted guilt in court, said Arnold Proskin, “He molested nobody.”

The entire case, he said, is rooted in a Chabad turf war between another area Chabad emissary and Weiss.

“It’s a political Orthodox Jewish game,” said Proskin. “The father of one of these boys is head of Chabad in a neighboring town and wants Colonie very, very bad. He’s jealous of him. In my mind, there’s not a doubt that this is what this about.”

This is nothing but a bald-faced lie. The father of one of the boys whom Weiss admitted molesting is not a Chabad emissary, in fact, he's not even a Chabadnik at all. So how could he "want Colonie very, very badly"? As for the other family victimized by "rabbi" Weiss, while they are Chabad they are also well established in another town on the other side of the region, why on earth would they even consider pulling up stakes after decades of successful schluchos where they are?

However, let's give Weiss the benefit of the doubt for just a second. Who would put their child through such pain over a petty vendetta - no matter how much they may not like Weiss, what parent would do this? This lame excuse is patently ridiculous on its face.

Besides, in August we were told that that this was about anti-Semitism? Is Chabad now an anti-Semitic organization?

Lie #3: Weiss is supported by Chabad

This is, perhaps, the most ridiculous of Weiss' claims - Weiss was suspended both from Chabad and his position at the Maimonides Hebrew Day School immediately after the allegations against him came to 2008, as reported in the Jewish Daily Forward and elsewhere. He was expelled as an emissary after he admitted his disgusting and degenerate behavior in January 2010 as reported by the Albany Times Union.

Chabad issued a pretty clear statement dissociating itself from Weiss immediately upon his confession. So much for their support of him. Like the turf war and the official anti-Semitism Weiss had previously concocted, this support by Chabad also existed nowhere outside Weiss' imagination.

Lie #4: These things never happened!

If so, "rabbi", then why tell your victim to lie?

We, the legitimate Jewish community, remind you that you admitted to doing these despicable things in open court. Specifically, you admitted that you told one of your victims on June 30, 2008, during a telephone conversation to be untruthful as to what had occurred (when you subjected that child to inappropriate physical contact between June 1 and June 30, 2007) and you advised him to, quote, "Just say nothing happened," end quote, and to not tell his mother or the police, knowing that this advice was likely to be injurious to the physical, mental, or moral welfare of that child.

So in a nut shell, you told the victim to mislead his parents and lie to the police.

Moreover you admitted that you subjected that child to inappropriate physical contact between June 1 and June 30, 2007 while you and the child were both naked! I will also remind you, the indictment to which you plead guilty also charged you with "placing your penis in contact with said child's buttocks." 

So, what wasn't true about the charges against you again? How are these acts appropriate for anyone, least of all a rabbi?

Lie #5: The people speaking out against Weiss are violent.

While Weiss cannot lawfully call himself "Chabad" (though he still flouts Chabad's expulsion of him) he sometimes functions as "Jewish Colonie" and has at least 15-20 deluded local supporters, some of whom are violent--see the WNYT coverage of his event the day after he plead guilty. While the Albany orthodox Jewish community is outraged and disgusted by Weiss' degenerate acts, Weiss and his supporters continue to adopt a victim's stance in order to deflect the harsh light of truth away from themselves.

No one is suggesting violence against Weiss or any member of his cult - but the truth must be told. No one is suggesting that Weiss or any member of his cult be harassed or that they should be targeted in any illegal or immoral manner. However, Weiss' cult followers have been more than willing to harass and even threaten violence against those willing to speak the truth about their "rabbi".

Members of Albany's orthodox community, both in and out of Chabad, came to Weiss' self-promotion event the day after his confession to refute his statements that he was supported by the legitimate Jewish community - some of whom made civil statements to the press about their point of view and others who just wanted to be present to hear what he had to say (but couldn't in the end) and still others to quietly and civilly show their disgust, have faced:


    • Personal insults hurled at them from cultists suggesting how they should be ashamed of themselves or ashamed to call themselves Jews or that they are just meshuggies "like the meshuggy Rabbi who is out to get Weiss";

    • Actual unprovoked violence (unless standing quietly or engaging in civil displays of opposition is provocative..)
    • Libelous and FALSE accusations of violence and belligerence reported to their employers (but interestingly, not the police)--luckily those threatened were able to prove innocence by actual video from the media;
    • Harassment in the form of hang up prank calls throughout the day and night.

There are official and worthy Chabad activities around the Capital Region and Capital Chabad responded quickly to the Weiss situation by:

  1. immediately suspending Weiss from his position as a teacher and barring him from the local Day School grounds

  2. suspending him as a Chabad emissary (evidenced by no longer being included with other regional Chabad representatives in listings, activities, etc). and

  3. permanently expelling him once his guilt could no longer be doubted.

Lie #6: This is a bizarre conspiracy between the local Chabad Rabbis to "get" Weiss and the parents told the children to say these things...

This one is worthy of Alex Jones. All we need are allegations of UFO alien influence and orbital mind control lasers. The truth is that there isn't much to answer here as the claim is so bizarre and disjointed.

First of all, the victims didn't come forward to their parents at first, they came forward to their peers who then encouraged them to tell their parents. Several adult members of the Albany orthodox community were aware of the abuse before the parents of the victims were - that sort of makes it difficult for the charges to have originated with those 'jealous Chabadniks'.

Secondly, if the charges originated with the parents, why do the police have a tape of a phone conversation, a conversation Weiss admitted to having, where he told one of the victims to "say nothing happened"? If this was a plot by Chabad to 'get' Weiss, why did Weiss try to pressure his victims to lie to their parents and the police?

Thirdly, doesn't it strike even the casual observer as a little bizarre that so many people are involved in this alleged conspiracy? Chabad Rabbis from the other side of the Capital District, people from outside Chabad who have no interest in who, if anyone, represents Chabad in Colonie, New York and even outraged members of Weiss' own family? Does he really think he is that important that so many people would risk so much and place their families in such uncomfortable positions just to get him?

The claim is utterly ridiculous and unless one habitually wears a tin foil hat isn't really worth wasting too much time on.

In short "Rabbi", we believe you. You admitted in open court that you are guilty of Colonie Indictment 31-2649 (specifically to Count 4 of the indictment) - We Believe You!


You admit that on and between the dates of June 1 and June 30, 2007, and while naked, Yaakov Weiss knowingly had inappropriate physical contact with a child under the age of 17, who was also naked at that time, knowing that his inappropriate physical contact with that child was likely to be injurious to the physical, mental, or moral welfare of said child;


You admitted that on June 30, 2008, you had a telephone conversation with aforementioned child, in which you advised him as his Rabbi, teacher, and spiritual advisor to be untruthful as to what had occurred about the aforementioned incident where you subjected him to inappropriate physical contact between June 1 and June 30, 2007.


You admit that you did advise him to, quote, "Just say nothing happened," end quote, and to not tell his mother or the police, knowing that this advice was likely to be injurious to the physical, mental, or moral welfare of that child.


The indictment to which you plead guilty had charged you with sexual contact "consisting of placing your penis in contact with said child's buttocks."


As should be apparent, Yaakov Weiss has changed his story, attacked his victims and their families in the press and continues to refuse to accept any responsibility for what he has done. His disgraceful and infantile behavior is an affront to G-d and the Jewish people and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms by any right-minded person.

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