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Monday, 18. December 2017

Former Teacher Addresses Abuse Accusations

Attacks Vicitims and Families

Albany, NY - VIN News was contacted by former teacher Rabbi Yaakov Weiss who requested that we disseminate his response to the serious accusations of child abuse leveled against him in the media.


It behooves all of us to be mindful that although we are determined to put an end to child abuse, it is also possible for an innocent person's life and reputation to be destroyed by false accusations.


VIN News is in no way in any position to make decisions of who is right, or who is wrong, we need to remind our readers that we are merely a news organization providing you with information.


In the mean time a web site was set up by supporters of Rabbi Weiss (site was created by Weiss and was called - it is no longer active nor is it archived at the Internet Archive. - webmaster)


Below is Rabbi Weiss's statement in full.


As we, the Jewish People, approach Yom Kippur, the holiest day on our calendar; the day G-d seals our fate for this coming year, it is my hope and wish that this troubling situation come to a speedy and positive conclusion. Although the media may not like this, may we have a year in which the news will only be able to give GOOD news!


Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank so many from our community and from my friends and colleagues from around the world for their confidence and outpouring support. My family will forever be grateful. You have made it clear to us that you are behind us and I assure you we will prove you right.


Let me state unequivocally: This accusation is 100% untrue, baseless, and a complete and utter fabrication. This has been generated by an individual who has been antagonistic towards Chabad of Colonie from its inception and continues to be envious of continued success. This is his way of getting rid of us. (Weiss later admitted his guilt of nearly all the charges against him - webmaster)


This individual contacted the authorities three months ago together with a close friend. His new allegations were released today.


Obviously, as of yet I am unable to share more details, but in due time I am confident that these appalling accusations will be proven baseless and the true agenda behind them will be evident.


We will take appropriate steps against those who have attempted to malign us and we are confident that we will prove our case and come out with our chin up.


May we all have a happy and healthy sweet new year, a year of peace and harmony.
Rabbi Yaakov Weiss


Original article at


(This same email was also sent to the Albany Times Union and Weiss' supporters - webmaster)

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